Recruitment: Why the long……….process?

What’s with the long, arduous multi-stage recruitment processes that seem to be increasingly common place these days? When chatting to job seekers I find that a 6 stage (or more) recruitment process that may incorporate psychometric testing, multiple technical tests, cultural evaluations, competency based screening (to name a few), is nothing out of the ordinary and I can’t help but wonder if it’s necessary?

Has the length, rigorousness or even quirkiness of a company’s recruitment process become a marketing tool to tell the world that what lies beyond this extensive screening must be worth all the work and effort put in?

I believe that in this day and age we should be striving to create efficiencies, thus not being on-board with what seems to me to be an in-efficient waste of time. The only thing I believe you can be certain of after a 6-8 stage process is just how keen the candidate is on the position/company given the willingness to stick around for that long. I don’t believe that you will gain any more of an in-sight into their suitability to the position, over a well put together 2 stage interview process where the questioning is intelligent, relevant to the role and type of person you are looking to hire, which may or may not include a specific skills based test. Specific preparation is key!

Recruitment: Why the long……….process?

2 thoughts on “Recruitment: Why the long……….process?

  1. Completely agree with you Neil. I was recently told by a company that their recruitment process is 6-8 stages long, and it takes 3 – 6 months (yes, that is not a typo) to complete. They are actually proud of the fact, like it was some kind of initiation. How many quality candidates are you losing in this time, and how many good candidates are you poking unnecessary holes in!


    1. Thanks for reading Amanda. Agreed. Surely as HR and sourcing professionals we should be working to set outcomes and aiming to do so in as effective and ideally efficient way as possible. Quirky process for the sake of quirky process seems to simply be counter productive.


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